Historical Events Timeline -City of Quebec founded -1608
-Thirty Years war-1618-1648
-Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth, MA -1620
-City of Montreal founded-1642
-Franco-Spanish War 1635-1659
-Hudson Bay Company founded 1670
-Iberville (France) discovers mouth of the Mississippi River-1699
-New Orleans founded-1718
-1st Log Fort Chartres built-1720, quickly damaged by Miss River flooding
nd Log Fort built-1725, Commanded by Alexandre Duclos
-St Genevieve founded ~1730
rd Fort built (with stone) -1753
 -- Built by Francois Saucier (Engineer)
-Treaty of Paris turns Illinois over to British-1763 and Missouri side of River to Spain. 
-Fort Chartres peaceably turned over to British-1765
-1766-Duclos Families (and other French) mass migrate from Illinois territory, Ft Kaskaskia and Ft Chartres regions, across Mississippi river to St. Genevieve to avoid problems with the British (Protestants).
-French Revolution 1789-1799
-Louisiana Purchase 1803
 --For the third time in 40 years the Duclos change allegiance from France to Spain and now to the USA
-Towns of St Genevieve and Old Mines reaches pinnacle of their commercial success in early 1800's
Index First Generation: 1600's Index 2nd Generation: 1623-1711 Index 3rd Generation: 1654-1743 Index 4th Generation: 1710-1775 Index 5th Generation:1742-1815 Index
6th Generation: 1768-1850?
Gabriel Lambert Duclos
b-1Feb1660, d-unkn
m. 26Aug1687* to
Anne Messier de St. Michel
Most of this generation was born in St Genevieve, MO
1 Jean de Celle Duclos
b-unkn, d-unkn
m-Collet Lagnot
b-unkn, d-unkn
112 Lambert D.
died at age 4
1111 Alexandre deCelle D.
19Dec1704-17Sep1775 (died at 70)
Elizabeth M. Phillippe
b-?, d-2Jan1747
Joseph d Duclos
b-? - d?
m-Jul1761 to Marie Jeanne Fontaille
One known child, Marie Magdeleine
11112A Jeanne
20Aug1768-died in youth
11 Gabriel deCelle Duclos
 b-1623, d-15Dec1671
Barbe Poisson
b-1631m d-1Jul1711
113 Barbe D.
b-3Jul1657, d-infant
11112 Antoine D Duclos
1743-13Jul1783 (died at age 40)
m-19Apr1768 to Marie Jeanne Saucier
11112B Antoine, 1Aug1770-1850 (died at ~age 80)
m-1798 to Cecile Aubuchon
Most descendents born in St. Gen, MO
Jean Poisson
b-unkn, d-unkn
m-Barbe (Provost) Poisson
b-unkn, d-unkn
114 Barbe D.
b-21Sep1662, d-unkn
m-1680 to Louis Charbonnier
m-1684 to Pierre Lamoureux
11113 Elizabeth D.
1742? - unkn
m-22Feb1762 to Pierre F. Darinsbourg
11112C Elizabeth
m-Feb1793 to Augustin Allard
Had 3 girls, 1 boy
115 Catherine D.
b-4Apr1665, d-10Apr1665
11114 Marie Joseph D, 7Dec1744-16Jan1745
died @ about 1 month
11112D Marie, 1774-29Jul1786, died at age 12
Index Code: This code identifies a person uniquely in the list. For example 11112B.  This person, Antoine Duclos, 1Aug1770, is in the 6th generation as indicated by the 6 digits in the code.  By reverse order, he is the B or second child of Antoine D. Duclos, who was the second child (Antoine Sr) of the first (only) child (Alexandre) of the first child (Gabriel Jr) of the first (only) child (Gabriel Sr), of the first (only) child of Jean.  Note: alphabet replaces numbers for families of more than nine children, for simplicity of code. 116 Jeanne D.
b-4Apr1665, d-10Apr1665
11115 Pierre D.
9Apr1746 - ?
No other info available
11112E Alexandre, 24May1779-?
m-10Sep1803 to Julie Boyer
19Apr1786 - ?
First 9 children born in St Genevieve
remaining 6 children born in Old Mines
117 Claude D.
b-6Apr1665, d-6Apr1665
11112F Michel, 4Oct1781-?, No other info avail
118 Catherine D., 2May1666 - 4Feb1743
m-25Jan1683 to to Louis Juillet
11112G Felicite born 10 mos after her father died??
14Feb1784 - ?
m-30Dec1801 to Charles Robert ?-?
Had 11 children
119 Marguerite D. b-unkn, d-unkn
m-17Sep1674 to Joseph Cartier
m-17Sep1692 to Nicolas Perthuis
11112H Marguerite - born 2 yrs after father died???
m-30Dec1801 to Jean Bapt Levery, ?-?
Had 11 children
11112I Marie Anne, 11Nov1789-
m-29Sep1801? To Francois Prudhomme,
Susanne, 24Jan1794-12Aep1794