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Willard L. DeClue Extended Family Photo Album

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1940's & 1950's                   

                  Willard DeClue Jr                               Ruth feeding Billy, Frank  & Tom circa 1954
                1945 Army Air Corp                                            


 1960's      Vacationing  at                                                Tom's 8th Grade
                 White Horse Beach, Cape Cod - 1961            graduation 1967


1970's       Tom - Freshman      Family together in July    Christmas 1973 at        Joe DeClue Jr        Shannigans in Ipswich  
                year at NAU 1971       1972 at Ipswich            Joe and Marge           Christmas 73              Summer 1972    


        Joel, Danny & Janis        Tom & Kevin Monks    Frank & Ella Dowcett    Billy & Ella Dowcett
       Summer 1973, CC Fl       visiting CC FL 1977       Ipswich - Jul 72                   Jun 79  


1980's    Family photo 1985    Rosemary &            Christmas 1988            Sara Class             Sonja & Tanya with their
                                                her son Joey               in Colorado              photo 1989             aunt, Colorado May 89


1990's    Frank, Bill, Ruth            Bob & Elaine DeClue        Tom, Tanya, Sonny & Sonja

                & Tom  Dec 91            Lakewood, OH                                1994

                                                        July 1991