Index First Generation: 1600's Index 2nd Generation: 1623-1711 Index 3rd Generation: 1654-1743 Index 4th Generation: 1710-1775 Index 5th Generation:1742-1783 Index 6th Generation: 1768-1850 Index 7th Generation-All: 1805-1880+ Index
8th Generation-Duclos only: 1828-1907?
Index 9th Generation: 1855-1934? Index 10th Generation: 1902-1998 Index 11th Generation: 1926-present Index 12th Generation: 1950-present
11112EA Michel, 30Nov1804-?
m-16May1827 to Theresa Maillot, ?-?
11112EGA2 Francis Marion, 29Mar1864, 28Aug1934
lived in Ebo (Potosi), Rt 185, Son Arthur
11112EB Alexandre, 29May1806-?
m-17Oct1826 to Judith Dufour, ?-?[1]
11112EGA3 John J., May1866-?
Lived in Fredricktown
11112EC Mathilde, 24Dec1807-1860+
m-17Oct1826 to Daniel Golden, 1800-1860+
Had 9 children
11112EGA4 Thomas George, 24Feb1868?-23Jun1915
Son-Thomas Curtis
11112B Antoine, 1Aug1770-1850 (died at ~age 80)
m-1798 to Cecile Aubuchon
Most descendents born in St. Gen, MO
11112ED Female? Child #5 - No information available 11112EGA5 Martha Jane, 7Oct1869-18Mar1871
died at age 2
11112C Elizabeth
m-Feb1793 to Augustin Allard
Had 3 girls, 1 boy
11112EE Antoine, 28Mar1810-1880+
m-2May1833 to Emeline Brown
m-13Jan1844 to Martha?
11112EGA6 Ada Catherine, 14Nov1871-c1946
m-"Nolan", 4 girls & 1 boy
11111 Joseph d Duclos
b-? - d?
m-Jul1761 to Marie Jeanne Fontaille
One known child, Marie Magdeleine[2]
11112D Marie, 1774-29Jul1786, died at age 12 11112EF
Aspasie, 1812-1860+
m-17Jun1834 to Jean Baptist Pratte
Had 10 children
11112EGA7 Andrew J., 12Mar1874-? 11112EGA81 Avis DeClue, 1902-?
m-?, Glen Rutherford, ?-?
Jean de Celle Duclos
b-unkn, d-unkn
m-Collet Lagnot
b-unkn, d-unkn[3]
11 Gabriel deCelle Duclos
 b-1623, d-15Dec1671
Barbe Poisson
b-1631m d-1Jul1711[4]
111 Gabriel Lambert Duclos
b-1Feb1660, d-unkn
m. 26Aug1687* to
Anne Messier de St. Michel[5]
1111 Alexandre deCelle D.
19Dec1704-17Sep1775 (died at 70)
Elizabeth M. Phillippe,
b-?, d-2Jan1747[6]
11112 Antoine D Duclos
1743-13Jul1783 (died at age 40)
m-19Apr1768 to Marie Jeanne Saucier
11112E Alexandre, 24May1779-?
m-10Sep1803 to Julie Boyer
19Apr1786 - ?
First 9 children born in St Genevieve
remaining 6 children born in Old Mines
11112EG Francois, c1813-1860+
m-14Feb1836  to Sally Jackson
11112EGA Jean (John), 18Jan1837-5Jan1907
m-?, Nancy Smith, 12Sep1844-20Mar1880
m-?, Angeline Smith (Nancy's sister)
11112EGA8 William Alexander, 21Apr1875-9Mar1931
m-Ella Sarah Litton, buried Ebo Cemetary
m-Stella Hancock, c1909, buried in Pleasant Hill cemetary
Son Willard Litton (webmasters Grandfather*)
11112EGA82 Willard L. DeClue, 30Jan1903-4Dec1993
m-? to Grace Thurmon, 1906-1998
11112EGA821 Willard L. DeClue Jr, 22Jan1926-9Mar2010
m-Jun1949 to Ruth M. Dowcett, 23Jan1927-
11112EGA8211 Willard L. DeClue III, 2Jun1950-Jun1981
Jean Poisson
b-unkn, d-unkn
m-Barbe (Provost) Poisson
b-unkn, d-unkn
112 Lambert D.
died at age 4
11113 Elizabeth D.
1742? - unkn
m-22Feb1762 to Pierre F. Darinsbourg
11112F Michel, 4Oct1781-?, No other info avail 11112EH Marie Jeanne, 5Sep1815-17Sep1842
m-1Dec1838 to Henry Noebel
Had 2 children, both died in youth
11112EGB Marie Jeanne, 12Dec1838-?, No other info 11112EGA9 Nancy Emma, 23Nov1876-?
m-?, DeCrow (2 boys & 1 girl)
11112EGA8212 Frank E. DeClue, 7-14-51
113 Barbe D.
b-3Jul1657, d-infant
11114 Marie Joseph D, 7Dec1744-16Jan1745
died @ about 1 month
11112G Felicite born 10 mos after her father died??
14Feb1784 - ?
m-30Dec1801 to Charles Robert ?-?
Had 11 children
11112EI Charles Vital, 19Dec1816-?
m-18Jan1835 to Kiscal "Keziah" Brown, ?-?
Had 10 children
11112EGC Francois, 18Jan1841-?, No other info 11112EGA8213 Thomas J. DeClue 1-27-53 
Son Ok (('Sonny') Chang) 2-12-50
114 Barbe D.
b-21Sep1662, d-unkn
m-1680 to Louis Charbonnier
m-1684 to Pierre Lamoureux
11115 Pierre D.
9Apr1746 - ?
No other info available
11112H Marguerite - born 2 yrs after father died???
m-30Dec1801 to Jean Bapt Levery, ?-?
Had 11 children
11112EJ Joseph, 30May1818-?
m-14Jul1840 to Marie Celeste Richard,
1824-?, 9 children (7girls, 2boys)
11112EGD Joseph, c1842-?, No other info 11112EGA8214 Gary S. DeClue 8-7-55 to 3-27-2006
m-?, Janet, ?
115 Catherine D.
b-4Apr1665, d-10Apr1665
11112I Marie Anne, 11Nov1789-
m-29Sep1801? To Francois Prudhomme,
11112EK Basile, 19Jan1820-?  No other information avail. 11112EGE Martha, c1844-?, No other info 11112EGA8215 Rosemary DeClue, 12Mar1957
m-?, Bruce Baker, ?
Index Code: This code identifies a person uniquely in the list. For example 11112B.  This person, Antoine Duclos, 1Aug1770, is in the 6th generation as indicated by the 6 digits in the code.  By reverse order, he is the B or second child of Antoine D. Duclos, who was the second child (Antoine Sr) of the first (only) child (Alexandre) of the first child (Gabriel Jr) of the first (only) child (Gabriel Sr), of the first (only) child of Jean.  Note: alphabet replaces numbers for families of more than nine children, for simplicity of code. 116 Jeanne D.
b-4Apr1665, d-10Apr1665[8]
11112J Susanne, 24Jan1794-12Aep1794 11112EL Paul, 12Mar1822-?
m-27Aug1844 to Marie Boyer, ?-184?
m-9Jun1853 to Sarah Garrett, c1832-1880+[9]
11112EGF Julia, c1847-?, No other info 11112EGA8216 Jean DeClue, 17Jun1960
117 Claude D.
b-6Apr1665, d-6Apr1665
11112EM Julie Judith, 12Mar1822-?
m-12Mar1840 to Charles Dunne
m-18Dec1842 to Pierre Dany
11112EGG Godfrey, c1849-?, No other info 11112EGA8217 Daniel R DeClue, 13May1965
m-?, Rose, ?
118 Catherine D., 2May1666 - 4Feb1743
m-25Jan1683 to to Louis Juillet
11112EN Marcelline, 6Mar1824-?
m-23Jun1846 to Issac Copenger (Capling?)
m-26Sep1860 to Alexis ?
11112EGH Eugene Francis? "Andrew"?, 8Feb1852-?
No other info
11112EGA8218 Janis DeClue, 13May 1967
m-?, Bill Ward, ?
119 Marguerite D. b-unkn, d-unkn
m-17Sep1674 to Joseph Cartier
m-17Sep1692 to Nicolas Perthuis
11112EO Godefroy, 30May1826-?
m-? to Mary Boyer
11112EGI Catherine? "Sarah", 29Jan1854-? No other info 11112EGA8219 Joel DeClue, 4Apr1970
m-?, Debbie, ?
11112EGJ Susan, 23Jan1856-?, No other info 11112EGA8220 Sara DeClue, 8-4-73 to 10-27-89
11112EGA822 Joseph DeClue, 17May1927
m-?, Marge Hennesey, 4Dec1930
11112EGA8221 Joseph DeClue Jr, 22Feb1953
11112EGA8222 Karen DeClue, 17Sep1957
m-1980, Paul Prioleau, ?
11112EGA8223 David DeClue, 30Jul1959
11112EGA8224 Eric DeClue, 15Feb1967
m-?, Teresa, ?
11112EGA823 Robert DeClue, 22May1934-7Jul1995
m-? Elaine ?
11112EGA8231 Robert T. DeClue Jr, ?
M-?, Alfriede, ?
11112EGA8232 Richard DeClue
11112EGA8233 Randall DeClue 1-4-57
m-?, Lori Ballman, 3May1964
11112EGA8234 Ronald DeClue
11112EGA8235 Rachelle DeClue
11112EGA8236 Regina DeClue

Appears to be a double wedding where Alexander and Mathilde are married on same day
Joseph's wife is the mother of Marie J. Saucier, the wife of Antoine.
Lived in the Normandy Region of France (Norai?)
Source:St. Louis Genealogical Society also from Clarence Johnston in his early Duclos family Synopsis
Gabriel Sr. moved from France to Montreal before marrying Barbe.  Died in Montreal, age ~48
Barbe a native of Perche, France died in Montreal, age ~ 80
Their son Gabriel L. is the only documented heir
*married and lived in Boucherville, Quebec Province, Canada, their son Alexandre was the only documented male heir.   Since his son was born in 1704, Gabriel live to be at least 44.
Alexandre was a native of St. Nicolas, Canada. He was the Commanding Officer at Ft. Chartres, Illinois and was married at Ft Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois. This is just across the Mississippi River from St. Genevieve, MO.  His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of Michael Phillippe and Marie Rouensa.  Marie Rouensa was the daughter of the chief of the Kaskaskia tribe, making her an Indian Princess. 
These locations in Illinois are just across the Mississippi river from St Genevieve, Missouri.
Antoine lived in St Genevieve, MO.  Marie went on to marry 2 more times, outliving all 3 husbands
Apparently triplets that died at/shortly after birth